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Hammer of Witches • YA Supernatural Thriller • 1 Hour Pilot

Morgan Reilly always thought she was the opposite of special. But when she discovers supernatural powers to heal and to control the elements, the nuns at her Catholic boarding school start to think she’s the fulfillment of an ancient, forbidden prophecy. The church thinks she’s a witch.


A modern day witch hunt begins, led by a fanatical young priest sent by the Vatican and the militia that backs him. Morgan has only herself and her new found powers to defend herself, the other boarding school girls, and Ryan – the kind of guy who isn’t supposed to go for a weirdo like Morgan. He carries a secret mission of his own, as the last in a lineage of Templar Knights sworn to protect the one who will fulfill the prophecy.

Never After • Fantasy/Adventure • Feature

When Fairy Tale villains start wreaking havoc on New York City, it's up to a descendant of the Brothers Grimm to find his team of giant slayers, wolf hunters and witch killers and save the city.

Skin Game • Drama/Thriller • 1 Hour Pilot

A brilliant, damaged woman works in the world of high finance by day and by night uses the world of BDSM dungeons to investigate and punish the powerful and corrupt, and to exorcise the demons of her own wounded past…

The Hellfire Club • Thriller • 1 Hour Pilot

Five wildly different college students are recruited by a famous professor for a long-term psych study, but soon start to suspect they are actually doing the bidding of a nefarious, shadowy, para-government organization called the Dark Agency.

Which Way Will You Wander • Adventure • Feature

Sadie Clark, is cautious, a planner, a researcher and completely stuck in her life because she can never make a decision.  Until, one day, she's launched into the life she always wanted - but was too afraid to try - when a magical Choose Your Own Adventure finds its way into her life.

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