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The Yellow Wood



Running Time: 9:21 min

What if you could go back in time to the moment when everything in your life changed...and then, change it back? Should you travel the road not taken?


Miranda Hanson is a successful but troubled New York artist whose life is disrupted by a series of nightmares and unsettling encounters, each pointing back to one event from her childhood: the murder of her 9-year-old sister. It was a crime she did not witness. Or did she? Somewhere between dream and reality, Miranda will spend a terrifying night traveling the road not taken. Can she save her sister? When she learns that the price of the past is paid in the future, will she even dare? THE YELLOW WOOD – a thriller about destiny undone.

Feature script available on request.

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Running Time: 22:57 min

Color / 2:35

Native American Police Detective, Kiona Stetson, is forced to face her true feelings about miscarriage, motherhood and the law, when KT, a young girl on the run from the Russian mob arrives with a life or death plea. All of Kiona's maternal and warrior instincts kick in to save this girl, save her family, and save herself.

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